Andy Lui

Andy Liu

Tell me about a distinct memory you have from your research internship?

Due to the pandemic, I primarily worked remotely and met with Dr. Nasseri and our other interns through Zoom. However, on the occasions when I went into the office to have our meetings, it was a lot of fun getting to see everyone in-person and discuss our research! Just a few weeks ago, I came into the office on Dr. Nasseri’s birthday and it was very memorable to be going over our research for an upcoming presentation at a conference in the autumn/updating our paper and then celebrating with some delicious cake at the end of the day.

What did you learn the most about surgery/medicine so far in your research internship?

The research internship has been filled with incredible learning opportunities. I have learned so much about the latest advances in laparoscopic and robotic surgical techniques which have allowed for significantly better postoperative outcomes. I learned a lot about GI anatomy and gained a better understanding about conditions (sigmoid cancers and diverticular diseases) as well as the surgeries (left colectomy and Hartmann’s reversal) relevant to the study that I was running. What I have learned is that there is always something new to learn each day in surgery/medicine and that has been super exciting! It was also very inspiring to see our physicians and staff members care for patients with very complex GI and other health conditions during the pandemic.

What did you learn the most about yourself in your research internship?

I learned that I really enjoyed conducting clinical research! It is thrilling to be able to extract data from the medical records, tabulate findings, and then conduct analyses to identify areas of improvement and potential plans that may shape how surgeries should be conducted to reduce adverse outcomes and improve patient care overall. I am certain that I will take what I have learned during this internship and incorporate clinical research in my future medical career.

Why would you recommend this research internship to others who follow your footsteps?

It is an amazing, fun, and immersive experience that will give you the opportunity to learn and conduct clinical research, contribute to research abstracts/presentations/publications, and work closely with surgeons, staff members, and other interns!

What are your long term career goals?

I aspire to become an academic physician in the future, where I can practice clinical medicine, perform research, and also teach! Although I am not sure what specific specialty I would want to practice yet as it may change with time, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn more about the exciting field of general and colorectal surgery!

How did the research internship help you meet your long term career goals?

Helped me understand what a career in clinical research looks like from grant writing, to data collecting, to manuscript writing, and attending and speaking at a conference!

What is the most recent TV show or series you have watched?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you could have any meal in the world delivered to you right now, what would it be?

This is a very difficult question… today I would say an Omakase meal from the best sushi restaurant in Japan!