Anderosn lee

Anderson Lee

Tell me about a distinct memory you have from your research internship.

One of my fondest memories was the Southwestern Surgical conference in Napa. Not only did I have the chance to present my paper comparing morning vs afternoon colorectal procedures to practicing physicians, I also was able to test new innovations in the colorectal surgery field. Exploring Napa’s finest vineyards in the downtime was also a fun experience.

What did you learn the most about surgery/medicine so far in your research internship?

I learned that there is so much more to surgery than the surgery itself. Patient follow up is also a crucial part of the care aspect.

What did you learn the most about yourself in your research internship?

I learned that surgery is definitely a field I want to be in in the future.

Why would you recommend this research internship to others who follow your footsteps?

The SGLA research internship not only taught me about the process of writing/submitting research papers to journals, but it also taught me a lot about how research is presented at conferences. I believe this experience, especially the conference presentation aspect, will help me immensely in future research endeavors.

What are your long term career goals?

Practicing orthopaedic surgeon

How did the research internship help you meet your long term career goals?

This research internship helped me get research papers/presentations under my name and allowed me the opportunity to network with numerous physicians at conferences.

What is the most recent TV show or series you have watched?


If you could have any meal in the world delivered to you right now, what would it be?

Surf and turf